Sunday, July 8, 2012

Redd Foxx "I Ain't Lied Yet"

( Although Redd Foxx reissues are far more common than all the other artists being reissued in this series, any excuse to listen to the master again is good enough for me. This record was re-packaged as "Everything's Big" in 1983, was put out by Polygram in 1994, and most of the material mirrored that on his 1969 LP "Up Against the Wall," but all the jokes are great, and like the little-dicked lotario preacher in one of the best jokes on her, Foxx is "a strong repeater." It's all here. You want analytical dialect comedy? Bingo! faith healer impotence jokes? Awesomely included! The "I don't want you to get your raffle ticket wet" story? Presnt and classic! A cunnilingus-adverse cop? Here is is, funny as heck! Sneezy orgasms? Nothing to sneeze at! "Steven Foster was a fag!" Confusing, but I'll go with it! Foxx is the all time greatest, and this record proves that even at his middle-est he was at his best!

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