Friday, February 10, 2012

Simple History Series by J. Gerlach

(Microcosm) The four titles I received (The Spanish Civil War, Hawaii 1778-1959, The Nez Pierce Indians, The Congo) are all pocket sized books, handsomely printed, but still humbly presented at 50 pages or less for $4 or less each. The straightforward written and hand-illustrated books break down history to understandable chunks with lots of this-so-then explanations. What I think may be the real value in these is that though they are not black anarchy-flag waving lefty in nature, they are so upfront about the dangers and costs of Imperialism and racism that they likely give undeniable information that is often denied and excised from Texas school board-approved U.S. textbooks, so high school and elementary school students need to get this info somewhere. These clearly explained history chunks could do the trick.

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