Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chica X/He Who Corrupts split 7" (Cassette Deck)

I have a stack of split 7" records in front of me, and I probably should have saved this for last, because it is the perfect double bill. The A-side is Chica X, a pre-teen rapper with attitude and charm, who comes off as a G-rated Peaches despite her best efforts ("I'm 8 years old with a heck of a mouth"). These are ultra-awesome electro songs about going to the mall, not being tall, and your parents coming to your show, with every line obviously actually crafted by a kid who isn't so much a prodigy (the lyrics are very 8-year old-ish) as she is beautifully brave...any kid theoretically could take the stage, but it takes a noble kind of confidence to actually do it. I love Chica X! How could you make her better? By coupling her with brain-blowingly intense ear-melting super fast political hardcore that gives you seizures! These two bands are the new peanut butter and chocolate!

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