Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Heavy Times “Jacker,” “Fix It Alone”

(Hozac) First off, being a Chicago band (in some ways one of the Chicago-est of bands), HT should have called their last record "Jagger," not as in Mick, but as in the regional "Jag off," as opposed to the more typical "jack off." Second off, these jag offs are geniuses...and “Jacker” WAS by far their best record yet, teetering towards their weirdly poppy side and away from the weirdly abrasive noise side that often overtakes Heavy Times' flavor, this collection of super songs that taste delicious! After its release ther was more talk of band breakups than band future, so I was not only surprised to hear they are going strong, with some gear shifts, but also to hear “Fix It Alone,” which takes the already impressive act to another level, with hook laden, intense, cloudy pop punk psyche pills going down super easy. This sounds like it was recorded inside my head cold, and it cured me! Heavy Times Forever!

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