Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zacht Automaat "S/T"

(GUEST REVIEW BY ROBERT DAYTON) (Calico CorpPaint if you will a picture of a band that’s recorded 11 albums of material that you need to hear.  They heard a new world as well and they heard it prolificallaexpiallidociously. Here’s some magick mmmoments from those albums made accessible as a double LP, limited edition 333 copies (plus a CDR of other stuff, plus download code). Distill it, shake it up, and double up. The front sleeve initializes the name of Zacht Automaat. ZA it says, but it ain’t the PIZ or the PITS, it’s a PARTY, an ever shifting moody party with a ring that fits just right! Mostly organ/synth and drums with other instruments careening in and out. Sounds of science coming to fluid fruition, all organic like, processionals, cartoon free jazz liberation marches, feather s falling, seaside strolls under a Chroma key mountain, song titles like "Reprise Surprise/Brief Resolution." Gawwwd, this ain’t a big pot of soup stretching out to simmer, it’s a grab bag, a bursting box of chocolates, and they’re all winners, there is that Soft Machine influence, but just before they turned to wank fusion, and c’mon guyyyyys, it’s just one of many leaping off points, and they don’t just look, they touch, it ain’t no doppelgang, but I must say, at times they sound like actual soft machines, not the band, but actual soft machines! It’s really alive! You know something, I once went to New York City in search of the last automat, I really wanted a fully vended meal in an establishment of stainless steel, and couldn’t find it, it was gone, I was empty handed with an empty stomach but, here all along was Zacht Automaat -in Canada no less! Hooray!

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