Saturday, April 2, 2011


(Armoury) Here's the rub: Metal vocalists sing the Sinatra catalogue with rock orchestration. While the first impression is that this is the mirror image of that "Pat Boone sings Metal" novelty album, when you think about it, pretty much every East Coast metal dude is Italian -- why wouldn't they dig Ol' Blue Eyes? Your second impression is, why couldn't they have done this when Dio was alive? And where's Peppi Marchello? After that, it's just about swinging with the headbangers. Overall this is not a project with transcendent results. Dee Snider can sing "It Was A Very Good Year" adequately and Jani Lane can deliver a passable "That's Life," but most of the tracks are definitely in the glorified karaoke realm. Not surprisingly some of the least metal dudes deliver the best vocals - Eric Martin of Mr. Big nails "Lady is a Tramp," and obviously Robin Zander has some serious vocal chops (as proven on "Fly Me to the Moon"). Biggest surprise: Italian-est guy has the biggest fail. Sinatra ain't easy and Joey Belladonna just couldn't do "Strangers in the Night" justice. Obviously it's easier to get into the Big Four than into the Rat Pack.

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