Saturday, April 2, 2011

VEEDEE "s/t"

(BLVD) Remember when nasty garage bands just stayed nasty? These days there's such a tsunami of garage rockers that you canit blame a fine veteran group like Chicago's Veedee for actually opting to get better. Not quite psyche, not quite post-something or another, what these fuzzed-out virus-spreaders seem to be most about  is making mid-tempo weirdness fiercer and more powerful than it should be. If I had bigger speakers maybe this would remind me of Blue Cheer (especially on the outright pounders here, like "Same Arms"and "Gypsy Iron"), and if I had a bigger record collection maybe I would know some obscure 60s Cleveland psychedelia act or Northwestern 90s guitar explorer band to compare this to. But as it stands, pretty much all I can say is Veedee gave me an itch and did the scratching!

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