Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures "Summer Strange"

(Dusty Medical) I can guiltlessly say that I was always thrilled by this act, constantly playing the shittiest music in the shittiest bars in Chicago and releasing a single on the shittiest label (Sack of Shit -- home of the Mashers, who eared local immortality for being an awesomely shitty band that managed to keep it going for what had to be fifteen years). Hearing this recording made me think they hadn't aged at all in the last decade, but now I see that these are decade-old recordings that amazingly were never released. Maybe it was because they sound too good! Super fast, expertly executed trash like this actually elevates this amazing band above shit-level, which may have embarrassed them or their peers at the time. The riffs! The snotty vocals! The punk-itude! The tempo! The damage! I just Pleasured myself!

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