Monday, January 23, 2012

Head On Electric "Sleep Slaughter Sheep," "Ghost Hunter" single

(Dusty Medical) Seemingly designed as the best ever audio lecture on the many definitions of psyche, this cheese-state masterpiece features rocki' garage psyche (the title track) wailing horror sound rave ups ("Mean Mary") junkyard bang up psyche ("Poison Toad"), speed/acid hybrid rock ("Body Recovery") surfy space sounds ("Up to You"), and walls of "woooos" ("Beside These Parts"). If releasing this mighty music monument wasn't enough, the "Ghost Hunter" single was one of my most treasured releases of the year. Packaged in a handmade cardboard and electric tape sleeve that seemingly scratched up the record, this one sided (the other side is screenprinted with green ghost letters - which may be when this got scratched, come to think about it) audio haunting is so bizarre and ethereal that when it starts skipping, or seemingly finds locked grooves mid-song, or gets w-e-i-r-d sounding, it's hard to tell if it's supposed to be like that. It's like a psyched out Christian Marclay experiment in surface wear!

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