Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Useless Eaters "Daily Commute" "Cheap Talk," "Zulu"

(Tic Tac Totally/Gold Tapes) Post-punk doesn't have to be a dirty word - angular, weirdo music can be as nasty, immature, drugged out, ugly and scary as punk punk, it just has to seem several i.q. points higher, and a few angles sharper. This is a a cheap-sounding yet priceless syringe full of rock n roll vitamins! "Cheap Talk" is a collection of singles and leftovers and not surprisingly it's not as jarringly, powerfully cohesive a barrage of audio fists as "Daily Commute," but it's got some great tunes, like the railroading "panic attack" and the wicked good snotty diatribe "malfunction." "Zulu" is a killer cassette of ridiculous audio acrobatics, including my favorite nasty mannequin song of the year. If you only have to buy one get "Daily Commute," but fuck that, sell a kidney and buy them all.

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