Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Algebra Suicide "Summer Virus Night - Live in Germany 1990"

(Dom Elchklang) The late poetess/frontwoman Lydia and the guitarist/current Polkaholic Don made up one of Chicago's all-time oddest acts in a city swimming in bizarre art rockers hiding behind the "punk" flag. One of the things that made them so weird was that Lydia's spoken lyrics were so perfectly enunciated and presented with  a polished actress' finesse that Don's howling new wave guitar goofiness is neutralized in a way that makes everything seem tame and clean...maybe even academic. Until you listen to the words: words that are funny, biting, heartbreaking, challenging. This remarkably well-recorded document (from a year few of us remember the band even being active) is a serious treat for old fans and potential new ones.

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