Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parasites "Solitary"

(Kid Tested) You know how it's cool for little kids to just be wearing shorts, then as you get to college just douche-y guys are always wearing shorts, then middle aged guys in shorts seem fucking ridiculous, then when you see old-assed men in big plaid shorts it's cool again. That's how I'm feeling about cookie-cutter pop punk. Obviously no one over 16 should be playing this or thinking it's cool. But then sometimes you hear a band that you saw playing it a million years ago and bizarrely they sound exactly the same as the did "back in the day" and somehow it's endearing. Parasites literally don't sound any different than ever. There might not be any 80s members left for all I know, but this is an uncannily youthful sounding band and I'm willing to give them a pop punk pass...they are the bermuda shorts of bands!

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