Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carol Kleyn "Love Has Made Me Stronger"

(Drag City) This reissue of an obscure 70s album of California ethereal-enchantment music mixes a bunch of myth metaphors. She's playing harp like an angel, but her voice and songwriting isn't exactly heavenly. She's hypnotizing like a sea siren, but she doesn't seem to be menacing or dangerous. She's in touch with nature and earth like a nymph, but she has human frailty. She seems to be a hippie and a singer-songwriter BUT SHE'S HAULING HARP! Did I mention this is primarily a harp album? This is basically more flower-powered and cloud-dwelling than any of her contemporaries because she has committed herself to this medieval music making machine without a hint of Renaissance Faire aesthetic. Oh...I could have said earlier that her music is harp-y, but she's too pretty to be a harpy.

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