Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dex Romwember Duo "Is That You in the Blue?"

(Bloodshot) Even at the heart of his Flat Duo Jets glory days there was always something kind of worn and weary about I seem to remember that after every furious song he would look kinda spent and older than he shoulda look, like he had gone beyond what his body wanted him to. He gave it all for rock 'n' roll, Dex was willing to die for us! Well, somehow, decades later, he's more furious, more powerful, and more lively! This heaping helping of vaguely rockabilly/spy rock/torch music has some amazing components...including a sax solo of X-Ray Spex "quality"! But note the spare, solo resonating guitar and the spooky, eerie songs that haunt corners of this record. Don't they seem kinda...ghostly? Maybe he did give it all in the 90s!

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