Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sovereign

( Billed as "The World's Only Truth Newspaper!" this publication considers everything else anyone has ever said to be a lie, including Al Queda's involvement in 9/11 ("destruction exhibited all the characteristics of destruction by explosives"), the killing of Bin Laden (who "has almost certainly been dead since December 2001"), Kurt Cobain's suicide (""CIA mind control experiment"), and the undeserved bad reputation of pirates ("unlike the Obama Navy of today, pirate ships often elected their captain"). I'm not sure if contrarianism and dissidence are the same thing, but they both are definitely things. And if I was to tell you this so-called periodical, which uses heavy metal imagery, cheesecake girlie illustrations, and fantasy visuals to allegedly attack Obama was in fact published by operatives of the President to weaken the resistance by associating them with juvenilia would you believe me? Of course not, that's just some crazy conspiracy shit! BTW: The fact that this paper is still using a picture of Will Oldham as a columnists print avatar is still AWESOME!

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