Monday, January 23, 2012

The Candy Snatchers "Down at Delilah's"

(Drug Front Records) I'm pretty sure that every time that I saw Candy Snatchers the singer vomited on stage, which was always a good reason to maybe be a few feet away from the stage (Candy vomit being way worse than Gwar food color, yet nowhere near as bad as G.G. enema spray). As destructive and chunk spewing as the band was, I was a tiny bit surprised, and a lot more saddened, to hear that Matt the guitarist died a few years ago, but it was good to know that his legacy will live beyond their two albums and their live 5" record, as Matt completed one last album with the Snatcheroos before his passing. Named for everyone's fave Chicago bar, though recorded somewhere else, these tracks sound better than anything that came before. "She's A Real Asshole," "Huffer," "Me and Uncle Willie" and the other dozen tracks of beach garage trash mess rock are all full of hooks, punk whirlwind playing, stupidity, and genius. This is a record I would gladly get vomited upon to hear!

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