Monday, January 23, 2012

True Sons of Thunder "s/t," Wizard Sleeve/True Sons of Thunder split single

(Jeth-Row) This super group (if your liberal definition of "super group" means a band with some guys you've probably had drinks with at some point in Chicago, New Orleans, or Memphis) makes a super musical mess that harkens back to the days when Goner records released albums that made you check to see if your speakers or stylus were damaged. Negative integer-Fi recordings of creepy, trashy, hungry (or alternately, full of greasy food) hell-sounds make this ridiculous rock 'n' roll record one of the best/worst things I have heard in years! This is a record that will give you an ear infection. "Bloodclot" is a perfect punk audio-wound, "Nate the Rat" is the unintelligible trashrock equivalent of a Dylan ode. "Life Stinks" is longer and better than "Freebird" and the band achieves this without actually playing any notes! On their split with Wizzard Sleeve TSOT deliver an ambient mess cloud of spoken confusion, which is kind of left in the hazy space dust by the gutter-psyche of the Wizzers, although each side of this deviant disc sees the respective band complimenting their evil waxmate wickedly well. Buy these records and proudly im-dirty yourself permanently!

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