Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mannequin Men “s/t”

(Addenda) I was totally ready to be the hipster who is ready to turn on his fave band when I started listening to this album by one of the best live bands in Chicago, fronted by one of the best frontmen, and a garage-esque act that’s musically reliable as any in this town. I was bobbing my head along with this record, but was doing that thing where you’re like, “Eh, they’ve done better…hmmmph!’ Then I flipped it over and the b-side kicks off with this slinky hypno-tune called “Enough” that’s Velvet Underground awesome. Then two songs later they play a tune called “Wake Up Dead” that knocked me on my ass – my fave Mannequin Men song ever! So basically, they seem to have printed this record upside down. Gary Panter cover art!

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