Thursday, May 23, 2013

drivin' n' cryin' “Songs from the Laundromat” “Songs about Cars, Space and the Ramones,” “Songs from the Psychedelic Clock”

(New! Why Black Crowes went super-platinum and Drivin' n Cryin' kept cult-ish is beyond me, especially considering D&C's ability to craft catchy, down home tunes that instantly sound like familiar classics. And when they get heavy like they do on the “Laudromat EP it's easy to imagine them fitting right in as a 2 for Tuesday between Skynyrd and Bad Company! For the “Cars…” EP they go all teenage power pop punky, and even though I realize it’s a theme EP, I tip my hat…sure it took you 25 years to do it, but you finally got Ramonesy! About time! And they go a decade backwards for their “Psychedelic Time Clock” album, kicking off with a 13th Floor Elevator ride, and clocking out with a mind expansion time peace. This trio of rock/punk/garage EPs shows not only the versatility of the band, but a sense of whimsy not exactly conveyed on their best work, making them seem better than previously perceived. Maybe they can be Drivin’ and Smilin’ now!

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