Friday, May 17, 2013

R. Stevie Moore “I missed july” b/w “traded my heart for your parts”

( I’m not sure why eccentric outsider underground oddball music veteran Moore is such a cult-cult figure instead of the kind of mega-cult figure he should be. The best I can figure is that his music does not indicate mental illness, which people seem to want in “outsiders,” and his approach doesn’t have any Zappa-esque arrogance, which people seem to want in their “geniuses.” Or maybe by releasing a thousand or so tapes, CDR-s and what have yous over the last 45 years Moore flooded himself out of a bigger piece of the little cult hero pie. Whatever it is it sure ain’t the music, as the 1978 a-side (on lovely red vinyl) proves here. A wonderfully weird pop pearl, it sounds like a perfect hit 45 that was left out in the Tennessee sun til it SEVERELY warped. The early 90s b-side is also delightful, and more delightfully lo-fi, and more eerily off as well (an audience friendly Jandek to the A-sides audience challenging Jan and Dean).

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