Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheer the Eff Up. #3 & 4 by Jonas

(POB 633 Chicago IL 60690) That this is as classic a xeroxed, cut 'n' paste, photo collage, typed out with handwritten correction punk zine is made more poignant by the POV being that of an aged-out-of-punk narrator kind of wallowing in the melancholy of finding himself in the square world with a job and family and little joy coming from the things that fueled him in his youth. Then he makes some friends and gets unexpectedly swept up in the Occupy movement and things seem more hopeful, he seemingly cheered the eff up  a bit. Not sure if this truth or fiction or a mix of both but whatever it is it's effing solid. Issue four continues to use the zine-iest of formats and layouts to showcase some really solid writing and thinking (though I wish he could take his title advice more often).

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