Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Dan Aykroyd Compilation (Summersteps)

Though at first I failed to see the correlation between sometimes charming/sometimes dreary bedroom-recorded indie rock and Mr. Aykroyd, I ultimately realized that as a genre/school of songmaking it is actually quite Aykroydian. Though my gut reaction to this kind of music and to the hefty Canadian would-be funnyman veers somewhat negative, neither that songstyle nor that film actor are a stone cold dealbreaker (like smooth jazz or Nathan Lane). If Aykroyd is complimenting a Bill Murray or a John Belushi, or to a far lesser extent, a T.K. Carter/Devo combination (as in Dr. Detroit) he's fine, even pleasant, and when charming/dreary bedroom indie rock is coupled with, say, strange lyrical sensibilities or actually funniness or a haunting voice then it can be as enjoyable as the "Johnny Bag of Glass" playkit. The prime Bill Murrays in this compilation's equation, making this entire oddball cassette project worthwhile, is a true dedication to theme. A semi-earnest fantasy rap about Aykroyd worship (complete with Elwood tattoo), a goofy cover of the Spies Like Us theme, a slice of pure uncut indie using ghostbusting as a metaphor for "ghosts of your past," and other songs with some deep Aykrodia, add up to a more satisfying dish than dry white toast served up by Aretha and Matt Murphy. Though I recommend the cassette format I believe one can download these songs at

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  1. Eric Schlittler, founder & CEO of Summersteps, is an untalented slob.