Friday, January 8, 2010

Jenocide "Machines To Make Us Wet"

In the recent "Best of" Vice magazine book the editor was asked if there was anything published in the mag that he was embarrassed about, and he said he wished Vice hadn't backed Electroclash so hard. While on the one hand what the hell are you editing Vice for if you'll admit to having shame about anything. But on the other hand, c'mon, man, there's certainly no shame in that particular game. If a day ever comes that good humored electronic robot sex music is a bad thing, than that is the day you'll have to peel this hot CD from my cold dead hand. On the third other hand,despite her awesomeness, Jen does lose me about halfway through. This seems to be music for a 12" format rather than a ten track album. Still, I will never forsake or denigrate my robo-dominitrix overladies!

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