Saturday, January 2, 2010


Apparently this is the thickest issue yet of this telephone book-thick zine, so unlike other magazines that may be "the bible of punk" or the "bible of whatever Tape Op is the bible of," this is actually longer than the New Testament. While this remarkable chronicle of unjustly obscure archival garage, beat, rock 'n' roll, punk, R&B sounds does its usual trick (presenting lengthy fascinating fully illustrated career overviews/interviews with remarkable bands you've never heard of and will probably never hear but still can't put their story down) this issue is a special treat for zine-aholics like myself. An article about the amazing Imperial Dogs, zinester Don Waller's ridiculous proto punk band that somehow got an anarchic concert videotaped (!) in 1974, augmented by a sidebar about his work on Back Door Man zine; a killer anecdote-ish article by zine legend Phil Milstein about his misadventures trying to transition from Velvet Underground fanzine CEO to Nico bootlegger; a collection of one sentence insult reviews from Greg Provost's 1970s zine Future ("CHARLIE DANIELS - Midnight Wind - Go blow, Fatso.");plus some reverence for the late, great Bomp. In addition you get the best Sky Saxon obits you'll read, a review section that will make you wish you have a zillion dollars to buy everything, the Australian epic of The Masters Apprentices, and so much more.

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