Friday, January 8, 2010

Final Flesh DVD (Drag City)

So the deal here is that the conceptualist behind Final Flesh found a porn production company in St. Louis that for a fee will have its stars play out your darkest sexual fantasies on camera. So our creator, Vernon Chatman, crafted an apocalyptic absurdist script, with as much humiliation of actors (pulling eggs from their pudenda, toilet sitting, and painfully nonsensical stilted dialogue) as any semi-amateur porno, but no full-on sex. Well, kind of no sex. A body-builder tricked into dressing as a baby tries to re-enter a woman's womb, so you do get some very un-erotic head to vagina action. But womb-returning aside, basically, unlike its prankish predecessor,John Trubee's legendary "Blind Man's Penis" song-poem (where Trubee submitted an awful, offensive song about Stevie Wonder's dick to a service that scams aspiring songwriters by recording their songs "professionally" for a fee), this project would not be censored to become semi-reasonable. Instead, this project will involve the hired-hack porn auteurs reverse-censoring themselves: reigning in their hardcore instincts to make the film as sex-free as the client insists. I'm a little torn here. I can certainly see that a white prankster emasculating a desperate-for-money black man by dressing him as a baby and making him crawl around for our amusement recalls the worst aspects of 19th Century black minstrelsy. But on second thought, I bet that dude was glad to not have to do the vile shit he usually gets paid for. And at least the woman he tried to re-wombinate was clean (from washing herself in the tears of corrupt politicians and angel blood). And it's also notable that perhaps the humiliated dude deserved it, because after he mispronounces "fascist" his co-star puts a little emphasis on it as she pronounces it correctly, as if to say,"Fuck you, you dumbass musclehead!" So, in conclusion...a blind man's penis is erect because he is blind.

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