Friday, January 8, 2010

The Yum Yums "Sweetest Candy" (Kid Tested)

If they were from Sweden and not Norway they could have called this record "Swedishest Candy." Maybe they could have called this greatest "hits" record "Norway-Out!" Now normally the last thing I want to hear in 2010 is 90s style pop punk, but I kind of always liked the Yum Yums, even in the 90s (when I really was irked by bands that decided to imitate Screeching Weasel imitating the Ramones, instead of just imitating the Ramones -- or for that matter the Rivieras or Trashmen). Occasionally they would get a little syrupy and inconsequential, but usually because they were able to get such happy tones from their guitars, and the singer would sing in such a nerdy American white guy accent, I was convinced they were sincerely making peppy music from the heart. This collection has a few duds but mostly it's pretty joyful. And they do imitate the Trashmen!

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