Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parade of Humanity by Michael Comeau

Koyama Press is a new publisher of provocative comic art-related material out of Toronto. Check this title: “Parade Of Humanity.” Let’s boil humanity down to its’ bare essentials: the cover logo for this large fold-out newspaper  is rendered as a giant turd. It’s plopped down on top of a red multi-bursting over-lapping zip-a-dee-doo-da toned cover. Collaged nekked ladies prance about and co-mingle with hand-drawn nekked ladies, some clothed like they are on a sci-fi superhero team. Open it up and we get full-page art tableau symmetry of collaged and bloated bikers, nekked ladies, guns, hand-drawn homemade porno that desperately aims to please but keeps woefully cartoony, ads for such fake porno books as “ESP Orgy: Based on the real life fantasies of hypnotists everywhere”, sexy nuns and other religious ephemera, bits of nasty business in the jungle and more stirring the pot of life and its’ troubled representations drenched in sweat. Porn mystified into art (

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