Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Third Light "Leaders and Followers" b/w "Garden," "Time to Shine" b/w "You've Got it All to Lose""

( I actually saw U2's plane the other day. I was literally at an airport in Los Angeles and my eyes beheld an entire full-sized jumbo plane with U2's name on the side. Bono has not sung a plane-worthy song since Obama was using a fake ID. But his band sounds like each member deserve a plane! The two songs on the first singe are so soaring and awesome each song should get it's own plane with a giant speaker mounted, and fly around the earth continuously blasting it's tune, while the U2 plane has to fly in-air fueling runs to these righteous aircraft, and the Edge has to pay carbon offsets for their emissions. The fact that their follow-up single was even better - with crunchy hooks, snotty vocals and a heavenly ska-beat fake out before it goes into overdrive - means I need to make some kind of grandiose Space Shuttle metaphor, but I don't have it in me. But it is an awesome single.

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