Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snowbyrd "Diosdado"

(Saustex) Snowbyrd, theirs is a taco that's neither fish nor fowl. They go from basic 70's Hard Rock sounds to Punk and Psych , and deliver it in so many ever-changing chord progressions that it's almost like Jazz. I said "almost," but  I think you'll understand my convoluted logic when you hear it for yourself. The songs contained herein frequently change direction, turning on their heads, stopping on a dime. This album begins on a tragic note, lead drummer (you read me right) Manuel Diosdado Castillo died from complications related to Cancer. Not having known the man, I think I can still safely say that this album is a celebration of his life and his musical career. He had a vision and like his friends in The Sons of Hercules he really didn't give a damn where, or if, it fit in his beloved San Antonio, in Austin, or wherever it was heard . He did play the drums as a lead instrument, and while the drums were frequently to the fore (like Krupa, like Rich, like Jazz, don't bitch), his bandmates and Brothers, Scotty Allen Lutz and Chris Dor Lutz (late of The Dropouts, faves of Sons of Hercules AND of Joe "King" Carrasco!) had to be called upon to deliver the same kinds of dynamics, and they do. Snowbyrd carries on today, though, or because, their good buddy is gone, and have been seen recently sharing the stage with the likes of Sons of Hercules, T. Tex Edwards and Out On Parole.

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