Sunday, April 25, 2010

Razorcake #55, #56, #57, #58

(Razorcake) At this point it's a little embarrassing that we are reviewing 6 issues of another zine in our zine...we are getting slow to publish and old, obviously! But what's most impressive about R-Cake is that they don't crank them out by repeating themselves. Ish 55 gets awesome points because it reprints an ultra obscure Jay Reatard interview from Andria Lisle's zine that he did with himself and that is zine history gold! #56 has  alot of sports (both the Olympic and World Cup variety) and a lot of Billy Bragg...let's see MRR ever make those claims! And 57 has a long Pedro Almodovar retrospective (!?!).  Especially impressive is #58 which manages to have interesting interviews with contemporary ridiculous bands (the masked Hamburger Help Me and the tasty Kreamy Lectric Santa, not to mention BBQ-man himself Mark Sultan) but also has Nardwuar attacking Johnny Rotten in person and a smart career retrospective/interview with Nervous Gender. Maybe we aren't getting our mag done because we're too busy reading theirs.

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