Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead on TV "Fuck You I'm Famous"

( Highly enjoyable rock n roll ridiculousness about sin, sanity-challenging, drugs, and narcism. Basically an indictment of any rock n roll that isn't about all that stuff. Delightfully, they manage to be slickly shoddy or shoddily slick, created ragged punk that sounds like radio pop without fitting into any exact niche. Considering their local status I'd suggest Dead on TV's wailing guitarist Xmas Smits start a two piece band with noise/garage/art rock all-star Christmas Woods, and they do nothing but inspirational instrumental yuletide music aimed at all the people who commit suicide because of holiday depression. Sure, it's a demographic with a lot of annual turnover, and limited loyalty, but you can't go broke cashing in on people who hate their families their lives and Santa!

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