Monday, July 2, 2012

The Raconteurs “Live at Montreux” DVD

(Eagle Eye) The good news part one is that Jack White’s rock band is as pure a rock band as a rock band can be…not metal, or punk, or alternative, or garage, or electrohousenümetalpuppetcore…they just rock the hell out and play rock so you get rocked! Good news part two is that if you want to see that rockin’ documented, this is a well-shot, super-pro HD lotsa closeups, tasteful edits great lighting video. The bad news is that White’s own label and record store and productions are so aesthetically ambitious and weird and enchanting and seductive that just seeing a regular documentation of his work looking great and slick and normal seems weird. Then again, White, Brendon Benson, Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence playing on vintage gear with vintage haircuts and vintage attitude in a Euro-video production at times feels like an old clip from Musikladen!

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