Friday, July 6, 2012

Joe4 "Enola Gay"

(Whosbrain) I remember that there was a time when I used to get really bummed out when I'd see Steve Albini at a show. Not that I dislike Steve, he's an awesome, funny, and relatively well dressed fellow, it's just that it seemed in the early/mid 90s he only came out to see bands that he recorded and liked, and they all sounded a particular way, and I really didn't want to hear bands that sounded like that. Well, many years later I find that since I no longer hear that kinda abrasive, start/stop post-AmRep, ragey, seemingly cerebral, scrambly music all the time I'm actually far more able to stomach, and in Joe4's case, even kinda nostalgically enjoy it. The fact that this is an almost eerily perfect example of what I'm talking about amuses me and makes me give this 4 Joes out of 5!

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