Monday, July 9, 2012

Skillet & Leroy featuring LaWanda Page "2 or 3 Times a Day," Big Dead Dick," Baby Seal "Not Guilty"

( For those of you only familiar with Leroy and Skillet from their cameos on Sanford and Son, get ready to forget Fred's bufoonish, passive pals, and introduce yourselves to two fast talking, filth-mouthed, crowd-pleasing, dirty joke masters who command the stage with their tales of rabbits, monkeys, sheep, midgets, sissies, pussies, and anything else these self-proclaimed Soul Clowns can work into a joke. And if you only know LaWanda Page from her Sanford and Son appearances, brace yourself...Aunt Esther is the Dalai Lama compared to party record LaWanda! The second reissue Cult Collectibles is releasing, "Big Dead Dick," is the better of the two because it also features as a bonus the unjustly obscure Baby Seal album, featuring some old time comedy pretending to be X-rated 70s stuff. He actually does the "Sweet Violets/Shaving Cream" song where the punchline is that he's not saying "shit" in the tune...pretty meaningless in the pottymouthed post-Dolemite era, but pretty entertaining nonetheless. Baby Seal is a good comic and it's a shame how unknown he is today but a joy that his work has finally met the 21st Century digital Tron-iverse.

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