Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reset by Peter Bagge

(Dark Horse) Bagge is not only one of the funniest creators in comix, but also one of the most truthful. His impressive narratives have always been populated with complex, realistic characters whose anger and defeat in the face of life's inanities and mundanity have always seemed honest, real, and moving. Thus, why shouldn't he get some of this Avengers money like all the shittier comic book guys? That his new mini-series is basically a storyboard pitch for a high concept Adam Sandler movie is not a bad thing. The fact that this tale of a has-been comedian becoming (by way of semi-inept conspiracy) a guinea pig for a mysterious virtual reality/mind control program will likely be a movie with a cameo by Rob Schneider doesn't take away from this comic's greatness. As of this writing the four-issue series is only 3/4 of the way done, so next month's conclusion may render the story twice as good or a complete disappointment, but I'm betting on the former: once again, each single page of Bagge's rubber armed absurdist drawings tell more truth than all 52 DC comics relaunches put together. Now someone FedEx this series to Happy Madison Productions ASAP so Bagge can get his mortgage paid off!

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