Monday, September 20, 2010

Billy Mumy "Glorious in Defeat"

(GRA) Though Mumy's musical legacy sort of hinges on his Barnes and Barnes "novelty" work, the surreal "Fish Heads" wasn't really novel or comic so much as it was strange and special, so there's no reason to be surprised to hear him making serious, almost eerie blues music. It's also not a contradiction that a former child actor would make triumphantly sad, moody music -- not only do we hear about another child star figuratively singing the blues every day, but Mumy's kid roles always had him acting like a pretty serious person, not a goofy tyke. That aside, this record has powerful subtlety (or maybe quiet power is a better way to say that) and Mumy's voice is raw, controlled and evocative. I want my Mumy!

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