Monday, September 20, 2010

The Curious Case of the Communist Jello Box: The Execution of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg by Mia Partlow & Michael Hoerger

(Microcosm) A beautifully designed, 2-sided, three color poster telling the sad, strange tale of the Rosenbergs through prose, collage and the Freedom of Information Act, this publication is most notable for inventing a new form...the poster book. No, it isn't a book of posters of Justin Bieber like the poster book I just bought my underage girlfriend, but rather a book in the form of an oversized poster. It will not replace Bob Marley and bikini girl posters in dorm rooms, or Heimlich posters in restaurants, and believe me, it's not an easy read on a crowded bus, but it is a design marvel.

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