Monday, September 20, 2010

Duncan Faure "Anthology"

(GRA) Faure was the lead singer in Rabbitt, a chart topping South African rock band from the 70s who never corssed over to America, and he later was the lead singer for the Rollers, which was (I believe) the last incarnation of the Bay City Rollers. But in the thirty years since then he's apparently kept busy as attested to by these decades-spanning 36 tracks. It seems to be an odd career, with lots of South African opportunities to record and perform, a Japanese only album by a group named Karu (who have one of the bounciest tracks on here), and much like the Scorpions scoring hit ballads after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he seems to have been inspired to heartfelt shmaltz by the end of Apartheid. Though some of the late 80s stuff and overproduced ballds seem dated, there's lots of good stuff here, like a grooving guitar pop track from the early 80s called "Racing Car" a Nick Kershaw cover from the late 90s, and even a well-sung new song.  It just goes to show, there are countless people we've never, or barely, heard of in the music industry who have had fascinating careers, and it's great that this anthology lets Faure lay out his.

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