Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rock ‘n’ Roll Monkey & the Robots “Do What the Bees Do"

( I have a confession to make. On the last album by this group that I reviewed I’m pretty sure (subconfession: too lazy to look up last review) I gave them some extra consideration and pumped up the praise because their band name seemed to by be market tested to appeal to  a demographic of one: ME! If you called castor oil Monkey Rock ‘N’ Roll Robot juice I’d guzzle it like a college kid downing Red Bull. But there need be no grade inflation this time. “Do What the Bees Do” is genuinely one of the most solid garage rock records I’ve heard in years. Plenty of 60s garage pop magic and retro organ but no nostalgia or kitsch, enough humor and whimsy but no novelty, and it has spare garage rock aesthetics balanced with kitchen sink sensibilities (flute, harmonica, melodica, and sitar find their way in). But most importantly it’s got the HOOKS and GROOVES! With music this amazing if this band was named Smooth Jazz Pigeon and the Math Homework they would still be awesome!

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