Monday, September 20, 2010

The Undertones digital reissue series

(Union Square Music) Though rarely discussed when people mention the biggest UK punk bands, in '78 and '79 the Undertones were making some of the catchiest punk tunes in England (via Ireland). After releasing the great "Teenage Kicks" they were signed to Sire and their self-titled debut may be the closest thing to a pop punk prototype this side of the Ramones debut, and like that record, it's hard to imagine it could be better or to compare it to anything except itself. I never actually had any of their other three albums, "Hypnotised" ('80) "Positive Touch" ('81) and "Sin of Pride" ('83) so it was good to pick and choose through the tracks...each record has a few gemd ("Whizz Kids," "His Good Looking Girlfriend," "My Perfect Cousin"), but if you don't get to download them free like us reviewer bigshots they also are packaging a best of compilation.

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