Monday, September 20, 2010

if it ain't cheap it ain't punk DVD directed by Joe Biel

(Microcosm/plan-it-x) The best thing I learned from this documentary (which is about the friendly side of the d.i.y. punk scene in general and plan-it-x records in Bloomington in particular) is that the main problem with the 80s American hardcore scene that carved out the d.i.y. punk touring circuit is not that they were violent or aggressive but that you couldn't understand the words. So the revolution of melodic bands like Fifteen is not about punk needing to get woosier but that you can make more friends and get your message across better if you enunciate. While the organizing and fellowship and love in this scene is feels pretty awesome in this flick, I think the best part of this scene is the embrace of old time instruments. Mandolins and violins are as punk as they wanna be! And their love of Japanther, the only band in this doc that I really actually like musically, makes me have even more respect for the Bloomintonians.

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