Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Loons “Red Dissolving Rays of Light”

GUEST REVIEW BY JOHN BATTLES (Bomp) Yeah, it's a funny thing, my ex-old lady used to put me in charge of the make-out music. Well, I don't really keep any Barry White on tap (No pun intended), but I found The Loons' second CD to be deeply sensual, swirling to heady depths and plateaus. Also, it was within reach. She later demanded that I never play it again when she was around. Even so, it's a sexy damned album, like "A Web of Sound" by The Seeds or "Easter Everywhere" by The 13th Floor Elevators. The Loons generally take about 5 years between albums. Since their first long player, I've seen them in four different states...of MIND. No, really, I've seen them in California, New York, Nevada and Illinois.... Though their live show differs a bit from their previous album, at least, in that they're definitely there, first and foremost, to ROCK when they hit the stage, with plenty of screech, fuzz, skronk and wail (sounds like a Don Martin cartoon).They can stretch out and experiment a bit more in the studio, but, I'm proud to say, their new effort, on Bomp!, no less (Greg Shaw stopped, briefly, while Lux Interior told him he had the best hair on the L.A. Punk scene, to smile transparent, tho' powerful, beams of sunlight on the whole affair) ROCKS, with an enticing melodicism. As with before, you can do your dishes to it, or you can do your freaky business to it...OR, dare I say it? You can dance to it, too. Glenn Campbell, from The Misunderstood, makes two "solo" appearances on Psychedelicized Steel Guitar. How cool is that? The only thing I didnt like about the album....the end.

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