Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shit Horse "They Shit Horses Don't They"

(Odessa) This has to be my favorite record of 2010. I always give points to any act with a theme song that incorporates the band's name, but when the name is this good, and the song is actually a disconcertingly short jingle, I'm already in their pocket. But what I really love about this band is the defiance of the trend of a predominantly Caucasian band getting an older black singer and then instantly thinking they are transformed into cool hipster Soul Brother sidemen by the magical Negro's presence. This group refuses to become cool, refuses to be pigeonholed into playing so-called black music, and refuses to condescend or exploit their singer. Instead his resonant tones stand out more because he's singing with (and against) oddball damage music. By making jarring, meticulously crafted songs that eschew blues patterns and conventions their frontman doesn't become a weak copy of a 60s icon, he becomes an individual doing his thing. Plus the songs are about horses and shit. Which is what this band is. The SHIT!

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