Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad Cop "Harvest The Beast"

(ROIR) I hate reviews that review a label's history rather than the release, but I shall now be that which I hate because I (like most of you I assume) can only think of one thing every time I see the ROIR name/logo...having my mind blown to bits by listening to the Bad Brains cassette (the only album ever that sounds better on cassette than any other format) so many times that it not only wore out the tape, it wore out the tape deck. One problem with the label's legacy however...especially over the last long stretch of that it seems that they scraped the wring resin off of the Bad Brains' pipe, embracing a numbeof reggae and dub acts instead of successfully courting groups that rocked the fuck out. While I won't say I'm doing flat footed flips on the downbeat (see a number of classic HR videos) over Bad Cop, I will say that this is probably the second rocking-est release ever on ROIR. I can't stop listening to this mix of 70s rock riffage, garage punk attitude, and amped up Midwest indie aesthetic (these kids are supposedly from Nashville, but have a lot of Cleveland in them...Central Time Zone rules!) Brutally rocking and surprisingly smart, this harvest is totally reap-worthy!

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