Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dwarr "Animals"

(Drag City) This is the first quirky reissue of a "lost" impossible to find private press "psyche" masterpiece record that I believe I have have actually seen with my own eyes, I think. I remember looking through the Metal section of a store in Rhode Island in 1987 and staring at this cover, but then stupidly not buying it, and instead (wisely) buying the also rare Rocktober Blood soundtrack (not knowing years later I would be hired by Roctober -- oh fate's finger!). Well, I can't find the Rocktober Blood LP (which I know because I was going to sell it when I saw what it was going for on ebay), but now I have this copy of "Animals," so ha, fate, I laugh at you. This doom metal/psychedelic/half virtuoso-half inelpt record is one fo the best metal records I've heard in a Wizards beard life. Despite living up to  a million cliches (including a solid Ozzy impersonation) it continuously defies expectations, and makes bizarre, brilliant, mesmerizing musical, lyrical, and guitar solo-ical decisions. Dwarr spelled backwards is a new kind of Rad!

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