Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Marked Men "Fix My Brain"

(Dirtnap) Reissue of a relatively recent record by these Texas punks (or punk Texans if you prefer) who I thought were the last Rip Off Records band, but who were apparently not.  Can't really think of much else to say, as they are good enough as a band, but kind of leave me cold. However, I just found an unrelated (presumedly)  website called where you can hire dudes dressed like the Johnny Depp pirate movie characters to swoop into parties, weddings and corporate events and take over with pirate mayhem. I digress, I know, but basically I love Dirtnap and would love this band to be their Nirvana (or George Thorogood, for you Rounder fans), but I just don't feel it. But buy this anyhow.

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