Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mongrel zine

(www.mongrelzine.ca) Our policy at Roctober is pretty much only to talk to old dudes who were in groups eons ago because you figure they have the stories and the perspectives. What the hell are we gonna hear from new bands? But thank god (or Link or Lux, or whomever you worship) for Mongrel! We are grateful that a zine like this comes along and shows us how it's done, not only tracking down all the stellar new jack garage combos but also delivering the goods with great interviews, zine-esque layouts, and lotsa goofs and giggles. They even cover garage rock visual artists (like our own Johnny Sampson) and include killer CDs of mongrel music makers making messes of the masses. We're not jealous, just glad Mongrel sets new standards and does the dirty work so we don't have to...

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