Thursday, September 16, 2010

Naked Raygun "Growing Away" b/w "Just For Me"

(Riot Fest) Two solid songs from these Chicago vets. Basically, considering the breadth and lineup changes reflected in the bands recorded work I can pretty much guarantee fans that this won't be your favorite thing they've ever done but you'll like it way more than your least favorite NR record (fill in the blanks with record titles depending on your age, inclinations, and loyalty to Santiago Durango). Never a hardcore band, Naked Rygun 2010 is clearly not going to regress from the melodic Buzzcocksian punk they honed over the years, so what you get are two aggressively catchy songs, with "Growing Away" being one of those tunes that if you listen to it three times it will be in your brain forever. Jeff's voice is strikingly imperfect in ways that one could argue is more vital sounding than in his youthful days. "Just For Me" isn't as strong, but I like some of the parts, though it sort of has a weird 80s new wave vibe. Overall, this is the rare 7" that you might actually play a few times, so Chicago's post-punk top dogs are still biting.

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