Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Colony Six (Live at Reggies Rock Club)

(Guest Review by Gentleman John Battles) Fans and newcomers alike were treated to a real rarity that, I hope, doesn’t STAY a rarity.
Depending on which side of the fence you're on, you either know and love The New Colony Six for their better-selling pop hits and ballads, or the pop-borne --  but Raiders, Them  and Animals-bred -- Garage Rock of yore. If you happen to dig both, that's cool, too, but their recent appearance at former auto garage Reggie's found them parking the car in Garageland. Decked in the Colonial garb that was once their stock in trade (like Paul Revere and The Raiders, who once had a good laugh during a chance meeting when BOTH bands were decked in similar finery), lead singer, Ray Graffia, made it clear the band would be staying in the Garage, and kept his word, offering heaping helpings of "Can't Get 'em Outta Yer Head," selections from their first two albums, and various early singles. The band were pro, delivering the goods with remarkable accuracy and rock hard energy. Their harmonies were tight, the drummer, Graffia's Brother, killed . For once a portable keyboard sounded like an organ, and the stuff was played RIGHT. Great guitar sound, even if a Leslie speaker couldn’t be procured for the gig. A lot of times, bands like this go on, do a couple of their hits, then fill out the rest of the set with songs that you're really, really tired of hearing...not these boys. Brothers and Sisters, I Give You a Testimonial: The NC6!!!!!! What songs DIDN’T they do? My God..."Last Night,” "Cadillac,” "Let Me Love You,” "You're Gonna Be Mine,” "At The River's Edge,” the unreleased monster, "Rap - A -Tap,” "I Like Awake" (which they performed in front of a screened DVD of the band performing said number on "Kiddie-A-Go-Go"), "Dawn is Breaking,” and even the killer hard rocker, "People and Me,” their one concession to their Mercury Records days.... They did one relatively recent number that hasn’t been released. It sounded fine, it didn’t break the momentum, if you're waiting for me to say "And THEN there was a drawback to the show..." And THEN, they did a Blink 182 song.  Yes.  AND THE HELL OF IT IS, IT SOUNDED PRETTY GOOD, in an early 80's New Wave Rock sorta way. Graffia simply stated they were one of his favorite Garage bands of recent years (No, I don't consider them a Garage Band, either, but, I feel the same way about The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines and The White Stripes, whom I once saw play to an audience about a third the size of this crowd). I did not have a problem with a Blink 182 song in exchange for so many classic NC6 Sentar sides. It's been almost a week, and these songs are STILL in my head (They had a lot of space in which to settle comfortably).

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