Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pearl Jam Under Review DVD

(MVD) While at first it seems like a relief not to have the gray haired old Rolling Stones writers and British 60s-ologists pontificating on one of these non-band participation Behind the Music-type DVDs, I quickly miss them as the next generation is insufferable (and, yes,  I suppose that generation includes me, but unless they do a Tone Loc Under Review or a Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band Under Review DVD I don't think my services will be needed)! OK, I get it, they rock, they are like classic rock, they can really rock, their songs rock. Couldn't they have found anyone to mention that Pearl Jam fucking sucks and all their songs are boring? I believe couldn't find anyone I know to dispute their suckiness even a little bit. In fact I don't think I could find anyone to say they suck quietly enough that the microphone would not blow out. So basically I don't know what the hell these guys are talking about. Or maybe I don't...because these guys really rock...they are like classic rock!

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